New Brand: LÄST by Milk Agency


We proudly welcome LÄST to Milk Agency's brand list. LÄST is a Scandinavian inspired brand, focused towards providing our customers with a modern and comfortable product. LÄST is a sneaker brand for girls with a edgy, contemporary look and a desire to stand out in the crowd. LÄST it is all about the last, even making it their namesake.

New Brand: Designers Remix by Milk Agency

Sarah_Buthmann__ (5).jpg

We proudly welcome Designers Remix to Milk Agency's brand list. Designers Remix is a Danish fashion brand based in Copenhagen. the collections cover women’s ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories. Charlotte Eskildsen is the founder and creative director of designers remix. Her inspiration is deeply founded in her Danish Design heritage. Danish Design icons, organic modernism and functionalism are key factors in every aspect of her creative process. Charlotte’s unique design manifesto is all about minimalism and architecture.

Designers Remix has been working with their sustainable agenda since spring 2017 and not only in the sense of circular fashion. They are constantly working on new creative ideas outside the box that keep changeling their old way of thinking in order to create a “new normal”. They want to make fashion that does not compromise with their environmental and social responsibility nor their design DNA. As a result from this their customers will experience a lot of new materials in the future. T-shirts made from post- and pre-consumer cotton, dresses in FSC certified viscose, coats in recycled wool and even styles made from recycled plastic bottles, and many more exciting sustainable fabrics to come.

New Brand: Hosbjerg by Milk Agency

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We proudly welcome HOSBJERG to Milk Agency's brand list. HOSBJERG is a Danish fashion brand with its head office in the heart of Copenhagen. HOSBJERG was established in 2014 by founder Camilla Hosbjerg. Camilla created the brand with the purpose of making designs in good quality at affordable prices. Something she felt like had been missing in the industry.

NEW BRAND: MOLIIN by Milk Agency


We proudly welcome MOLIIN to Milk Agency's brand list. MOLIIN was founded in 2013 by Lotte Moliin. The MOLIIN collection is always inspired by the lifestyle of the city the collection dress the modern women who seek a contemporary expression. The graphic design plays an important role as well as the casual and sporty approach in style. Each garment is rich in detail and has a personal touch.

New Brand: House of Dagmar by Milk Agency


We proudly welcome House of Dagmar to Milk Agency's brand list. House of Dagmar is a Swedish fashion house based in Stockholm, run jointly by three sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam. The brand is named after the sisters’ late grandmother by the name of Dagmar, who herself was a tailor and model of confidence, ability and style. It is her qualities that form the blueprint of the Dagmar Woman.

New Brand: Underprotection by Spread Studio

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We proudly welcome UNDERPROTECTION to Milk Agency's brand list. UNDERPROTECTION is a Danish brand based in Copenhagen and founded in 2010 showing that fair fashion in sustainable fabrics do not have to be boring or less fashionable.

New Brand: Ivylee by Spread Studio

We proudly welcome Ivylee Copenhagen to Milk Agency's brand list. Born and designed in Copenhagen, but worn in cities all around the globe, Ivylee embodies the craft of bringing line and proportion together with materials, finish and details in seductive and affordable footwear –the perfect additions to any chic modern woman’s wardrobe.

New Brand: 5 preview by Spread Studio

Milk Agency is happy to welcome Stockholm based 5PREVIEW. Dating back to 2008, when Swedish designer and illustrator, Emelie Mårtensson, decided to release a small, graphic tee shirt collection of 5 pieces, 5PREVIEW today boasts a full collection of women’s wear, and accessories in an expressive, illustrative style.